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         Kimstead Farm Beef Share Program










Introducing our Belted Galloways


The Belted Galloway is a traditional Scottish breed of beef cattle. It derives from the Galloway cattle of the Galloway region of south-western Scotland. It is adapted to living on the poor upland pastures and windswept moorlands of the region. The exact origin of the breed is unclear, although the white belt for which they are named – and which distinguishes the breed from the native black Galloway cattle – is often surmised to be the result of cross-breeding with the similarly-coloured Dutch Lakenvelder breed.

Belted Galloways are primarily raised for their quality marbled beef, although they are sometimes milked or kept for ornament.

Belted Galloway Beef has been shown in a research study conducted at the University of Guelph - to have a total fat content of about 2% an extremely low percentage. The same study showed that the Belted Galloway Beef tested only contained about 1% saturated fat. In addition it showed that Belted Galloway beef had the same fat content as chicken and fish so fits in well with a healthy diet. Belted Galloway beef is exceptionally tender, full of flavor and juicy and were the winners of the 2003 Sydney Royal Show "Beef Taste Test". 

Kimstead Farm’s cattle are 100% Natural and Grass Fed as well as Free Ranging.  They are Antibiotic/Growth Hormone Free.

All our beef is processed at a USDA facility and will come packaged and ready for your freezer.  Therefore, nothing now stands in the way between you and an amazing, healthy eating experience.   




 How it Works


   Let's say we have a 1,000 lb animal that would result in a hanging weight of about 540 lbs.  Cost is $5.75 per pound “hanging weight”. Finished/packaged weight is less. 


  The table below is representative of the amount of meat, types of cuts and price for each size share.


                                                   THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE. 

                        The final weight, cuts and total price will vary depending on the animal.



   So for the above representative example, for a 1/8 share you would get 46.5 lbs of packaged meat plus bones (for soups or puppies).  Of course you do not have to take the bones.


      The balance will be due when the animal is processed (late summer/early fall) and the exact weight is known.










                                             Share Size
        Meat Cut                     1/2          1/4            1/8

      T-Bone, club steak                     18 lbs            9 lbs             4.5 lbs

      Sirloin steak, roast                     16 lbs             8 lbs                4 lbs

      Round steak, roast                     30 lbs          15 lbs             7.5 lbs

      Rump roast, boneless                  8 lbs             4 lbs               2 lbs

      Flank steak                                   4 lbs             2 lbs               1 lb

      Rib roast, steak                           12 lbs             6 lbs               3 lbs

      Boneless stew meat                      6 lbs             3 lbs            1.5 lbs

      Short ribs                                       4 lbs             2 lbs               1 lb

      Chuck roast steak                        34 lbs            17 lbs           8.5 lbs

      Hamburger                                   54 lbs            27 lbs         13.5 lbs


SUBTOTAL PACKAGED WEIGHT      186 lbs           93 lbs         46.5 lbs

     Trim, bone, waste                          84 lbs           42 lbs           21 lbs       

       TOTAL WEIGHT                            270 lbs         135 lbs         67.5 lbs


Total weight x $5.75/lb                    

           Cost/share                           $1552.50       $776.25         $388.00


     Deposit Required                          $400             $200              $100


2020 Beef Shares are sold out!

Taking deposits for Fall 2021

                             Please contact us if you want more information or if you'd like to sign up.!

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