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Kimstead Farm CSA

2018 CSA shares are still available!


We are a 10 acre mixed vegetable and berry farm.  Our CSA connects you to our farm through a share of the harvest.  You will receive 17-20 weeks of produce grown on our farm and hand picked at its peak for the tastiest and most nutritious produce you can buy.  You'll experience the true nature of farming while eating locally and seasonally.   


Our produce is naturally grown using non chemical fertilizers and organic sprays.  We do employ integrated pest management on a very selective basis to only crops that are infected and only to the extent absolutely necessary.  The bulk of our crops are never infected and if so, only to a limited degree.  As such unlike the "pretty" chemically enhanced grocery store produce, ours may have a few blemishes; all just a part of the natural growing process.  That said, the flavor and health benefits of locally grown produce will outweigh the esthetics.


For 2018, we will continue to offer full and half shares of our vegetable/fruit CSA.  There are no work requirements.  You pick up your share weekly at our farm in Pepperell MA.  The program will last for the June to October growing season.  You can expect 17-20 weeks of produce.


You will receive a 1/4 bushel (half share) or 1/2 bushel (full share) brimming with in season vegetables plus a batch of herbs.  It may be a little less at the start and end of the season with a bit more throughout, depending on mother nature.  If crops perform well, odds are your share will be a fair bit more.  


                                Full Share cost:  $650   Half Share cost:  $350  Egg option: $80 (one carton per week)


                                          Our goal is to share the bounty with you.  Examples of produce include:


                                 Fruits                                                               Vegetables


                            Strawberries                                                 Lettuce (Leaf & Romaine)

                            Raspberries (Red, Golden)                               Spinach

                            Blackberries                                                  Peas (Shelling & Snap)

                            Dewberries                                                   Corn

                            Blueberries                                                   Carrots

               And Maybe even Exotics such as:                               Zucchini (summer squash)

                           Gogiberries                                                    Cucumbers (Slicing & Pickling)

                           Loganberries                                                  Tomatoes

                           Elderberries                                                    Melons

                           Lingonberries                                                  Beets

                           Gooseberries                                                    Peppers (Sweet & Hot)

                           Honeyberries                                                  Potatoes


                                                                                               Winter Squash (Butternut, Spaghetti, Acorn)




 CSA members will have the option of taking advantage of a U-Pick option if we find ourselves with excess crops. This will not be open to the public, only to members.  


We also offer many add-ons such as eggs, goat cream caramels, goat cheeses (chevre & mozzarella), our famous "Wicked Garlic Dill Pickles", jams and our sassy tomato salsas.  


We welcome farm visits.  Just call or email us to arrange a convenient time.  We look forward to sharing our 2018 crops with you!

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