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Kimstead Farm: Past & Present

Built in 1746, the house and barn have been carefully renovated several times through the years, maintaining many of its original features.  The stone foundation of an old wood mill, built to provide the materials during the building of the original structures, remains on site.  Originally on 200+ acres and subdivided in 1954, Kimstead Farm was also renowned throughout New England for its quality Thoroughbred horse breeding in the latter part of the 20th century.

In 2011, Kimstead Farm was reinvented as a dairy goat and produce farm.  Quickly becoming known for it's goat kids, eggs as well as for fresh and flavorful vegetables and berries, Kimstead continues to develop new products and services.  This includes goat milk soap, peaches, various types of berries as well as baled hay.

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Ron & Theresa


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