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Our Does


As we grow into a premium dairy goat farm, we seem to be doubling the size of our herd every year.  This year, we find ourselves having to make the very difficult decision of saying goodbye to a few select kids to be born in the next few months. Kids will be available starting in June. All wethers (castrated male kids) will be $175 each or two for $350.  Doelings (female kids) will vary in between $275 to $375, depending on their pedigree and mother's milking history. All of our does and bucks are registered with the American Goat Society (AGS) and the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).

Myrna Loy                  NFS

(Good Life Myrna Loy)




Myrna, Kimstead Farm's lead goat, is a daughter to Sparkle and sister to Mary.  Born in May 2010, Myrna is one of our original goats and has been on the farm since May 2012.  Myrna is also Theresa's BGGF (Best Goat Girl Friend)! 

Abigail                   NFS

(Good Life Elizabeth Taylor)



Abigail, along with Guinevere, were the first to arrive to Kimstead Farm in April 2012.  Abigail had her first freshning last year when she gave birth to the first Kimstead Farm kid doeling Louise a.k.a. Weezie.. 

Misty                        NFS

(Dragonfly HT Misty Mae)



Misty, along with Bella, came to Kimstead on a beautiful fall day in October 2013.  Coming from a reputable dairy goat breeder, she has a great udder and is one of the easiest girls to milk. And besides, she's a nice gal!

Delia                            NFS

(Good Life Zasu Pitts)


Delia is our original baby and is a grandaughter to Sparkle as well as the neice to Myrna.  Delia has been on the farm since May 2012. Beautiful, sweet and spirited, Delia became a mom to three kids this spring and is showing promise as a milker, like her female relatives.

Callie                 NFS

(Kimstead Farm Calico)


Sparkle                      NFS

(Sugar Moon UP Sparkle Plenty)


Sparkle, our most "mature" goat, is mom to Myrna and our new baby MiniMe.  She has been on the farm since May 2013 and is the ruler of the goat barn.  Always greeting visitors, she's proven to also be a doting mom.

Guinevere              NFS

(Good Life Priscilla Lane)


The first goat at Kimstead Farm, Guinevere is known for her beauty and grace.  She has been a doting mom to all of her kids every year.  Guinee continues to be a great milker.

Bella                     NFS

(Proctor Hill Farm CG Bella Mae)


Bella has been on Kimstead Farm since October 2013.  Very sweet and friendly, she is a great mom as well as a great milker



Weezie                  NFS

(Kimstead Farm Louise Kimball)


Weezie was the first kid born on Kimstead Farm in July 2013 to Abigail.  Sweet, gentle with beautiful markings, we are looking forward to breeding this girl in the fall.

Penny                NFS

(Kimstead Farm Penelope)



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