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Wethers:  The perfect farm animal


So, why a wether (castrated male goat)?  This is why:  They are smart!  Wethers are great for clearing brush and eating excess grass.  They do not stink.  They are great for kids who are in 4H as wethers are allowed.  They enjoy a good hike and are great pack animals.  Wethers make great, non threatening companions to our does as they seem to provide balance and peace amongst the herd when excessive hormones are in play.  Wethers are also great companions to the farm buck who is usually isolated from the rest of the herd. Wethers are sweet, gentle and extremely friendly.   Think about a dog who wants to be in the barn and pasture.  No shedding in the house, no letting out in the middle of the night, no need for grooming or kennels!  They love to go on walks.  The wether is a perfect pet!  They will even climb onto your lap if you let them!  They are inexpensive to keep as they do not eat grain or need special supplements as do the does.  All they need is hay, a grazing area, at least one other companion and shelter.  And as we only breed Nigerian Dwarf goats, the cost to keep one of our wethers' is minimal due to their small size.  Goats are herd animals and do not do well alone.  Our wethers add much to the spirit of our farm.  

All of our bucklings will be castrated and sold as pets, farm help or companion animals.  Our kids are extremely well socialized with other animals and humans.  We will not sell our wethers for meat, no exceptions.  Check out our available boys on the "Kids for Sale" page!

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