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Mary Wickes         SOLD

(Good Life Mary Wickes)


KIDS are sold - Mary, along with her 2 boys Stanley and Arthur, have found their forever home in Ashby MA.  Their new family could not have chosen a nicer girl as Mary; the boys are kinda cute too!

Mary is the daughter to Sparkle and has black with white spots and frosted ears and nose.  She was born in May 2010 and has been on Kimstead Farm since May 2013.  Mary is a very sweet and quiet girl who gave birth to two handsome boys, Stanley and Arthur.  Check them out on the kids for sale page.  

Delilah                     $250

(Good Life Ida Lupino)





Delilah is a daughter to Mary and grandaughter to Sparkle.  Born in February 2013, she has identical markings to her mother Mary although she is quite bigger.  Delilah, who is sweet as her mother, has been on Kimstead Farm since May 2013 and is looking forward to being bred in the fall.

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