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Farmer In Training Program


Have you ever wondered what a day working on a farm would be like?  Would you like to learn how to milk a goat, groom a donkey or plant a garden?  How about driving on a tractor or stacking hay bales?  Kimstead Farm is offering all of this and more for children and adults.


Start the day with a hearty breakfast of farm fresh eggs and pancakes in KF's original 1746 barn.  Then get your assignments and off for some fun (some call it work but it isn't if you love it).  There will be three "rotations" during the day to assure that you get to experience everything a farm has to offer.  From animal care, to crop management and farm maintenance, you will have the opportunity to perform authentic farm work with the guidance and supervision of farmer Ron or Farmer Theresa.  There will be plenty of time for breaks, play and questions.  A picnic lunch will also be served.

Here is a sample of what a Farmer in Training day at Kimstead Farm would look like:


8:00-9:00-  Arrival & Country Breakfast



9:00-10:30-  Rotation #1


10:30-11:00-  Break/snack


11:00-12:30-  Rotation #2


12:30-1:15-  Picnic Lunch


1:15- 2:30-  Rotation #3


2:30-3:00-  Wrap up & farewells


Children require special attention and supervision when they visit the farm. If you are coming to work on the farm with any children under your supervision, your first responsibility is to oversee their actions. As much as you may want to engage in the task at hand, if the children you are supervising are not engaged in the task, we need you to stay with them and ensure that they do not roam away or damage any of the farm’s crops or property. 



Bring a water bottle too.



This is what you need to bring:  

- Proper footwear (rain boots, work/hiking boots or sneakers).  Sturdy closed-toe shoes that can get dirty.

- Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.   In hot weather, a hat is essential.

- Work gloves and/or hat.  

- Bug spray, sunblock



We will provide water throughout the day to keep you hydrated while working.  

Other procedures and rules to be followed:

You will be on a working farm.  Although we have done our best to minimize the dangers, it does, by it's very nature, have hazards that you need to be aware of and need to respect.  The following rules will be strictly enforced:

-  Do not go into a pen with donkey or goats without supervision.

-  Do not chase animals, including chickens.

-  Do not enter cow pasture.

-  Do not climb up ladders or play on farm equipment.  Please be mindful to step far away when farm machinery is being used.

-  Wash hands after every rotation 

-  Be courteous to your fellow farmers 


Cost- full day, including breakfast and lunch- $275 per child 

                                                                $395 for a family of one child/adult.  

                                                                $275 per adult without child

       half day including breakfast (8 am- 12:30 pm)- $175 per child /$100 for adult who accompanies the child



Poison Ivy

All Participants will be shown poison ivy on the first day, and will learn to identify it.  No staff or volunteers will lead children into areas with poison ivy.


All participants will be made aware of the possibility of ticks while at the farm.  We encourage participants to wear light clothing that covers their legs and feet and ask all parents to conduct “tick-checks” after their children have been on the farm.



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